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Efficient Vacancy and Marketing Management

Find all the resources necessary to efficiently process your vacating tenant, re-rent your vacancy fast and to the best of qualified tenants.

First of all, a busy landlord, whether he has one vacancy or many coming up, needs to know WHEN the tenant is going to vacate the premises. Problems can arise especially when a tenant gives an oral notice to vacate, attempts at breaking the lease, wonít or canít give a definite move-out date, tries to use their security deposit for last monthís rent or gives a short notice or moves out early. Letís first, take a birds-eye view of entire vacancy process to get an overview of the important process of efficient vacancy management. Because one is intertwined with the other, letís now then take a similar look at the marketing process, so your vacancy rents quickly (and to the right tenant).

Real Vacancy, Real Solutions To Finding Really Qualified Prospects

Once the date is established as the when the tenant is moving out, it is always a good landlording practice to confirm and acknowledge in writing the receipt of the tenantís written notice to vacate the premises and provide the tenant with your policy, procedure and or any guidelines regarding the move-out process. This includes the landlordís cleaning checklist and other conditions that must be met in order for the tenant to get as much of the security deposit back as possible, and to ensure a smooth and hassle-free move-out process for both the landlord and tenant. Landlords have the right to charge the tenantís security deposit for any number of tenant caused damages. You may or be required by law to verbally or in writing describe, require or offer to the vacating tenant a pre-inspection appointment and provide a condition correction report of what the vacating tenant must do to return the rental or apartment premises to it original condition, less any normal wear and tear.  With that date in mind, the landlord then can preplan getting the unit ready, set up the marketing plan and re-rent the premises as quickly as possible. However, now the landlord has added a twist; access to the Internet and all of its time saving resources.  Especially, the best resource for landlords who want to quickly and inexpensively rent their vacancy, with the professional assistance and services available at

The landlord needs to consider the following tasks, so as to minimize rent loss and save landlord time;

Processing the Vacating Tenant 

Move-out Tenant Processing

Receipt and review of the tenantís notice to vacate, non-renewal notice, abandonment or eviction termination (and determining the vacate date)

Obtaining a forwarding address

Obtaining permission to show rental to prospective tenants

Taking applications, sending cover letters to applicants, signing holding agreements and receipt for tenant screening

Offering a pre-inspection appointment

          Allowing tenant to make proper corrections at the property

Providing Cleaning Checklist, Move-out Policy Statement, Security Deposit Return Guidelines, Moving Resources, and other helpful move-out information

Offer survey on why tenant is vacating

Conducting the Pre-inspection appointment

Conducting the Final inspection appointment

Security Deposit Processing

 Security Deposit Accounting Statement (and instructions on how to fill out form)

 Security Deposit Settlement Agreement

 Security Deposit Settlement Acknowledgment

Security Deposit Kit

Seurity Deposit Agreement

 Preparing a Maintenance Time Table 

Maintenance Time Table

What work or maintenance must be done to the premises before the landlord is able to re-rent to a quality tenant?  This is generally entails any required pre-inspection or reliance, to a certain degree, upon the vacating tenantsí description of the current condition of the premises, and of course, how he or she intends to leave it.

What vendor, maintenance and supply companies, is the landlord going to use?

Pre-scheduling applicable vendors, obtaining bids and pre-ordering any supplies, and knowing the correct order of follow completing the work,

Contacting the appropriate utility companies to continue service(s) uninterrupted

The Vacancy Marketing Plan 

The Vacancy Marketing Plan

Preparing a pre-marketing the vacancy plan.

Best Ways to Advertise Your Vacancy

Place or hang the appropriate ďFor Rent,Ē or ďFor LeaseĒ sign at the premise

What is the most cost effective method of marketing or advertising the vacancy?

Post a ad for FREE


Determining rental standards or tenant prequalification specification list

Establishing the market rent or how to determine a competitive rental rate.

The landlord should show the soon to be vacated rental to prospective tenants. Knowing any state laws governing landlord entry into the vacating tenantís home is crucial.

Final inspection of the premises for the vacating tenant

Confirm with vendors as to the specific work that needs to be done

Processing the Tenantís Security Deposit 

Security Deposit Processing

Processing the New Tenant 

The New Tenant