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Quality Tenant Screening Center

Screening Information Center - This is one of the most comprehensive collections of free articles that demystify the tenant screening process. Learn what experts know about avoiding risky prospects and picking out good ones. Tenant Screening Companies Online  - an exclusive directory of National Screening Companies.  Tenant Screening Companies by State.
Screening Forms  - You can print the “Application to Rent“ form you prefer, long or short; a worksheet that will help you through the screening process; and many more management aids.   Books – Choose from our picks of the best books on screening prospective tenants and property management in general. Yes, we’ve actually read them. Knowledge is power.
FAQs – Learn from the experience of others. Read a list of most often asked questions and the answers accumulated by our panel of experts: over a century of combined experience.


Screening Tips and Techniques – These tips and techniques come from persons who earn their living screening tenants.  

How Credit Reports Work

MUST READING--Enforcement of New Tenant Screening Rules and Requirements of Top 3 Credit Bureaus

Landlord Law – Find out what is legal and what is not in your state. Got a Screening or Credit Question? - Submit your question to one of our experts at "Ask The Expert e-Store – Browse this catalog of time-saving and money-making articles on tenant screening, rent collection, and other property management subjects Review The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act - Review federal law on credit reporting procedures. Know what you can and cannot do.