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                     602 Congressional findings and statement of purpose

                    603 Definitions; rules of construction

                    604 Permissible purposes of consumer reports

                    605 Requirements relating to information contained in consumer reports

                    606 Disclosure of investigative consumer reports

                    607 Compliance procedures

                    608 Disclosures to governmental agencies

                    609 Disclosures to consumers

                    610 Conditions and form of disclosure to consumers

                    611 Procedure in case of disputed accuracy

                    612 Charges for certain disclosures

                    613 Public record information for employment purposes

                    614 Restrictions on investigative consumer reports

                    615 Requirements on users of consumer reports

                    616 Civil liability for willful noncompliance

                    617 Civil liability for negligent noncompliance

                    618 Jurisdiction of courts; limitation of actions

                    619 Obtaining information under false pretenses

                    620 Unauthorized disclosures by officers or employees

                    621 Administrative enforcement

                    622 Information on overdue child support obligation

623 Responsibilities of furnishers of information to consumer reporting agencies

                    624 Relation to State laws

                    625 Disclosures to FBI for counterintelligence purposes