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Our Mission Statement’s mission is to help landlords – all landlords great and small - to acquire knowledge and create wealth.  We aim to do this by providing resources in that variety of disciplines needed for successful acquisition, ownership, maintenance, management, and improvement of investment property.  Our vehicle is a network of vendors and service providers, thinkers and analysts, visionaries and realists, specialists and generalists.  Their product must be useful to owners of one, ten, 100, 1000, or more units, and those owners’ agents and employees, or we will not present it.

In our opinion, this is a continuing process and, for that reason, the site will be growing and evolving constantly. 

Please accept two additional thoughts.  First, do not be put off the site if you are not a landlord or property manager.  This site should be of interest as well to those who are contemplating the acquisition of income property, are homeowners without income property, or tenants as well.  Second, the only way we can fulfill our mission is to make our offerings as factually accurate as we can. Our writers are people with enough intelligence to form opinions, but when their opinions are expressed it will be obvious.  We believe that truth, not wishful thinking, is the best road to the fulfillment of our mission.  For this reason, we lead with the truth as best we can express it, and welcome corrections and suggestions from our readers.