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Successful Rent Collection Center
Guaranteed Ways To Collect Rent

"The More Than Two Dozen Guaranteed Ways To Collect Rent"

Landlords and other real estate professionals ask, "Why isn't there a proven or guaranteed way to ensure prompt rent payment?" There is not only "a" way; there are more than two-dozen ways, all of which can be found here in this booklet.

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Pages: 42 (includes 15 collection forms)
Copyright: 2011
List Price: $ 24.95
Our Price: $ 19.95
You Save: $ 5.00 (25%)

Format: PDF
  Price: $ 19.95

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More Details About The Booklet

Let’s face it, after finding qualified tenants, collecting the rent has to be the second most important task for landlords and managers. Most rent loss happens after the landlord and tenant relationship breaks down. But this does not have to be the case anymore. In this booklet, you will come to understand every known collection technique available to get your money.

As a matter of fact, we guarantee you will learn some new collection techniques and understand better how to use the ones you may already know about... or we'll refund your money! Not only that, this book comes with 14 ready made forms and letters you can immediately start using to collect your money.

To prove to you we know what we are talking about... here is the table of contents for the book:

1. Rent to Qualified Tenants with Excellent Rent Histories
2. Successfully Adopt and Implement a “No Cash” Policy
3. When and How to Use a Co-signor
4. Make Your Rent Payment Clause Go Noticed
5. Establish and Enforce Your Rent Collection Policy
6. Try the Rent Collection Questions that Really Work
7. Adding to Your Rent Collection Policy – How to Receive the Rent Sooner
8. Adopt and Enforce a Late Charge Policy that Works
9. Change Your Rent Collection Day and Increase Income
10. How Not to Lose a Long Term Tenant—You Want
11. Your Own Merchant Bank Card Account for Rents
12. Landlord Bank and the Tenant’s Rent Deposit
13. Automatically Accept Rent Payments from the Tenant’s Bank
14. Rent Subsidies from the Government – Learn the Ins and Outs
15. Tenant’s Assets Can Be Put to Good Use – Learn How
16. Negotiate Agreements for Long-term Rent Payment
17. The Tenant’s Employer Could be Your Way to Easy Street
18. Look to Outside Sources of Money for the Late Paying Tenant
19. Change the Tenancy Period from Monthly to Quarterly or Longer
20. Setting Rent Due Dates—They’re Not All the Same
21. Collecting Security Deposits -- What’s New?
22. Personal Check Acceptance Policy and Procedure
23. Protect Yourself from Early Lease Terminations
24. Returned Check Policy and Procedure
25. Expand Your Rental Agreement & Avoid Collection Disputes
26. Payment Coupon Book, Sending Monthly Statements or
Supplying Self-Addressed, (Stamped) Envelopes
27. Rent & Bank Cards – The Online Services Coming to the Rescue
28. The Happy Correlation between Service of Eviction Notices and Payment of Rent

Forms Included:

1. Addendum for Multi-Choice Rent Payment Clause
2. Co-signer Agreement
3. Deposit Account Transfer Authorization Agreement
4. Payment Transfer Authorization Agreement
5. Bank Draft Authorization
6. Tenant's Pledge to Pay Rent Arrears Statement
7. Rent Collection Policy and Procedure
8. Important Rent Reminder (3 on a Page)
9. Late Rent Reminder
10. Notice of Late Fee Due (3 on a Page)
11. Final Notice Before Legal Action
12. Notice of Returned Check (3 on a Page)
13. Final Notice of Returned Check and Notice of Legal Action
14. Rent Receipts (3 on a Page)
15. Rent Statement
16. Blank Addendum to Rental Agreement and/or Lease


“I’ve been in the property management business for over 25 years and even I learned several new rent collection techniques, every landlord or manager needs to read this!”
Tony P., New York

“One of my tenants was two months behind, as soon as I asked him the ‘golden’ questions, I had him pinned down. I got one months rent right away and the rest when he got his paycheck. This guide is indispensable.”

Sally A., Los Angeles, CA

Order Here Today - 100% Money Back Guarantee

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