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Rental Specifications List

Before advertising your vacancy, smart landlords will first take inventory of what their rental property is all about. Knowing the features of your rental property are crucial to your success at describing what you are "selling," i.e., renting to prospective residents. General specifications, such as the number of bedrooms, baths, etc., are important, as are the little things, for example, a description of any and all appliances included, room sizes, parking facilities, any storage, proximity to schools, stores, malls, etc. All things that are selling points landlords need to know about their rental vacancy.
This is a one time and handy reference checklist (over 100 items) that is only done once and then can be used over and over again. Landlords will be able to refer to the Rental Specification List form when answering prospective tenant questions, or being better able to prepare marketing material for on-line advertising or creating a newspaper classified ad, to name a few. Click below for your own copy of this invaluable form.