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FAQ Center

1. Can I access your site via America Online, Prodigy, and The Microsoft Network.

Yes, the Internet and can be accessed using any of these services.  All you need is the software.

2) Do you charge for membership?


3) Do I have to pay for ASK THE EXPERT service?

No, for now this service is FREE.

4) May I submit more than one question to ASK THE EXPERT?

Yes, but not more than two (2) per day.

5) When will you have Landlord Chat up and running?

We plan to initiate this service by December 31, 1999.  If you sign up at our eUpdate service you will be notified when Landlord Chat is active.  

6) When will you have access to Tenant Laws?

We already do! Although we titled our legal section service Landlord Law this does not mean that only landlords are covered.  There is but one set of laws which covers landlords and tenants and all other persons alike.

7) How do I make my homepage?

Netscape Users - Once your browser has opened. Go to the top left of the browser and locate edit. Click edit and go to preferences. Once here, you simply type in and then you're done.

MSIE Users - Go to tools. Then choose internet options. Then type in and your done.

8) Can you assure me that my email address won’t be sold or published?


9) Is it OK for me to tell one of my tenants to come and visit your site for his information?

Yes. Informed tenants are better tenants. Everyone is welcome.

10) If I take the advice of one of your articles and it turns out to be wrong, what do I do?

This question is based on a lot of unwarranted assumptions.  We do not purport to manage anyone’s rental properties for him, any more than the Wall Street Journal purports to manage anyone’s investment portfolio.  If you read our articles and columns you will see that they are aimed at discussing practical problems and practical solutions to them.  We strive to offer a variety of possible courses of action and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.  Where one is recommended, the writer will give the basis for his recommendation.  Where opinions are given about the meaning of specific statutes or judicial decisions, the statutes or decisions are quoted or cited.  In each case, we leave it to the reader to make the final decision.  If he is better informed, the reader will make better decisions, but the decisions are still his to make.  Those who wish to delegate the management of their properties to others are invited to engage the services of an experienced Certified Property Manager.  We will be providing listings of such as the site grows.

11) I am interested in associating my business with yours by having a homepage on your site. Do you plan to offer this type of service?

We are developing this project and will notify each of our eUpdate subscribers of its launch date.

12) Can you automatically inform me when you post new items?

Yes, go to the eUpdate service and sign up for email update notification.

13) How can I link my web-site to yours?

See "Linking my site to"

14) Can I send an article of yours to a friend?


15) How do I place an order for one of your articles?

Easy! Just go to’s cyber store. You can purchase articles on a wide range of subjects. Our store is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Once you have placed your order you will receive an e-mail from us confirming your order. You should receive your order by e-mail delivery within one business day and within three business days if you selected snail mail.

16) How can I unsubscribe to your e-mail service (eUpdate)?

Go to our eUpdate service and type your email address in the box that is titled “Unsubscribe”. We will do the rest. We would like to know the reason for your discontinuing your subscription. If you have the time, click here to complete a brief Customer Satisfaction Survey. If you prefer, you can drop us a short e-mail comment here.

17) Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes we have a secure server.

18) What are my payment options?

We can only accept payment on line through VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DISCOVER. You can mail us payment if you prefer.  We will accept money orders by mail.

19) What about my privacy?

We try very hard not only to ask for the minimum information from our customers, but also we will not share, sell or use it for any mailing list (other than our own of course). We promise. has a strict  privacy policy ensuring your personal information is kept confidential. We also use the latest security and firewall software to protect your account information.

20) I am on the board of directors/member of a local apartment association,
can we re-publish one or more of your articles?

Yes. All we ask (require) is that you include our copyright mark and include our world wide web address just below the title of the article (just as it appears on all FREE articles now).

21) I have an idea about landlording you might be interested in. How do I contact you?

We welcome and appreciate ideas and comments. You may either e-mail us at or telephone 1-408-374-9400, ext 817. Thank you in advance for sharing your idea with us!

22) What do I do if I have trouble loading a particular page on your web site?

We check our site regularly for bad links, slow loading pages and other potential problems, but we are not perfect. If you notice a problem, we would appreciate you dropping us a line by email. Thank you.

23) Can I offer my property for sale or rent on your site?

We are discussing the possibility of setting up such a service with several on line referral services.  Our homepage service will be segregated by State or Region, and this will also give landlords an opportunity to advertise their properties.

24) How do I advertise with you?

Click here and you will be taken to our advertising section. Please note, we at approach the advertising very differently than most. We won’t just sell you some advertising space, like a magazine or newspaper. Instead we will actively promote your company’s services or products to our visitors.  

25) How often do you update your site?

We update daily except Sundays and holidays. This does not mean that each page on the site changes each day. Click the “What’s New” button to see a list of that day’s updates.

26) How often do you update your articles, columns and kits?

We update these items when we obtain new information, or we think of an improvement.  Updated articles, columns, and kits are clearly labeled.

27) Do you have an affiliate program?

Not yet, but we are working on it.

28) If I use your Landlord’s Library and Bookstore will I get the same discounts as if I had not gone through your web site?

Yes! Not to worry. You will receive the same discount as if you had entered the bookstore directly.

29) Are there any employment or independent contractor opportunities at

Yes. Take a look at what is available now. One of the nice things about the Internet is that some of the positions available at can be done from your home or even from sitting with your laptop on a beautiful white beach in Hawaii.