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  Advertising FAQ'S

Targeting your Ad

How can I target my ad?

In general, the visitor is already targeted as an Internet user - a well-educated, upscale, information-seeking individual. You can specifically place your ad in any section, web page or service that relates directly to your company's product or service. 

Does accept advertising on an exclusive basis? 
We do offer and accept exclusive advertising contracts. However, exclusives are contracted at a premium over and above general pricing. See your advertising representative for more details.

Does accept advertising for competitive products? 
We, as a general rule, do not accept competitive product advertising within targeted pages or locations. However, advertisers can "mix and match" their ads (rotate) with the understanding that direct competitors will not appear in the rotation or location of their own ads. We do everything to insure that your receive the maximum benefits (impressions, increased traffic, more sales) from your ad placement with See your advertising representative for more details.

My company is located outside the United States. How do I pay for my banner advertisement? 
All international banner advertisements must be paid in U.S. currency before the ad runs. Talk to your advertising representative for more details.

Do I get to specifically place my ad anywhere on your web site?

Yes, as long as the space is available you can
reserve it now. 

What are “exclusive” banner ads?

These are ads to which one company has the exclusive right of possession. When a visitor comes to he or she sees only your ad all the time on that particular header, page location or article. Exclusive banner ads contract at a premium over and above general pricing for many reasons. Benefits include: Superior ad placement, reliable ad testing programs to maximize "banner impressions",  greater "click-throughs" of qualified leads, build company credibility, and much more. 

What are “rotating” banner ads?

Your ad along with as many as three others will been seen randomly by the visitor. If the visitor reloads the page another ad appears. This is a great way to advertise on multiple targeted pages for the price of an exclusive ad listing. 

What happens when the user clicks my ad and is taken off your site to visit mine? 

We transfer the visitor to your site in a “framed” environment. We retain a minimal header at the top to further promote your business and provide a quick way to return the visitor to where he started.

What are “e-mail deliveries” within the meaning of you advertising offerings?

Many of our visitors have requested notification by e-mail when we make changes to our site, or have specific information they have expressed interest in. When you reserve your ad space on one of our email deliveries your ad is placed on each e-mail as the sponsor of the delivery. Because most emails are topic specific you can target just those relevant to your product or service.

Reporting FAQS

What reports do you share? 
We provide tracking reports that show total impressions and clicks received for each day the ad was live on our web site.

How often do you share them?  
These reports are issued on the 15th of the month following the month being reported (for example, on May 15 you will receive the April figures). The reports are faxed or emailed to you.

In the future, we will offer online reports so that you can log in and see yours at any time.

Does provide an audit?
We are evaluating a new auditing method and expect to provide this feature in the near future.

Technical FAQS

Why does performance vary in serving ads and delivering clicks?
One visitor's experience may differ from another's due to the ISP service used, the network, and the load. All of these factors may affect performance.

What graphics formats does accept?
We accept graphics files in the GIF and JPG format. We will consider GIF89 animated graphics, but non-animated files must accompany the animated graphics so that we have the editorial option of providing standard GIFs.

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